It has been a long-time passion of mine to be actively involved in the marketing of land, livestock, and equipment utilized and produced by the great people in agriculture.

In pursuing this passion, my ownership of www.showpig.com and my involvement in over 6,000 live auctions as well as 5,500 internet auctions has been, to say the least, very educational.

Experience is a huge asset to those who have the ability to apply its lessons to future endeavors. My experiences over the past 30+ years have taught me several things. Probably the most important of these is that you must surround yourself with people in your organization that completely understand and genuinely share the vision.

The individuals here at The Wendt Group uniquely work together and exemplify my passion to provide our clients and customers a great buying and/or selling experience.

I hope you will take some time to read through the website and become more familiar with our services.


Kevin Wendt - President
CAI - Auctioneer / Broker


At The Wendt Group, we pride ourselves with boots-on-the-ground service. We understand that successfully marketing your property requires a group effort; it is so much more than placing signs on the property and hoping for the best.

We will evaluate your property and understand your needs so that we can determine the best way to sell your property—whether real estate, personal property, auction, or listing.

We will develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to effectively promote your property to prospective buyers.

We will perform the necessary footwork to gather and compile all of the due-diligence information specific to your property.

Once it is established that the auction method is the most effective way to market your property, we will create an auction event that generates excitement, urgency, confidence, and competition among prospective buyers.

We will finalize the transactions with the appropriate title work, surveys, closing arrangements, and other specific requirements.