The Wendt Group provides the following advantages in marketing your property through the auction process:

For Sellers:
  • Sellers set a specific date, time, and location for the sale of their property
  • Sellers control all of the sale conditions and terms
  • Sellers avoid high carrying and holding costs
  • Auctions create maximum exposure for the property with a concentrated effort, so the exposure and efforts are more intense and visible
  • Auctions create a sense of urgency and bring interested parties to a point of decision.
  • Auctions create and increase buyer competition
  • Buyers come prepared to buy. For real estate transactions, lookers are eliminated because bidders must be pre-qualified and capable of a 10-20%, non-refundable, down payment

For Buyers:
  • Buyers know the seller is committed to sell
  • Buyers know they are purchasing property at a fair market price
  • The buyer has full control over what he wants to bid for the property
  • Auctions reduce the potential negotiating time for the buyer

We are confident that The Wendt Group will execute a professional marketing effort and will utilize the most effective resources to highlight your unique property in the market place. We take seriously the opportunity to serve our clients and work hard to deliver a superior marketing program.

Our extensive marketing program coupled with a professional, buyer-motivated auction event that makes bidders comfortable and confident will result in stronger bidding.

Call The Wendt Group to schedule a no-hassle, private consultation. We can discuss turning your agricultural assets into cash in as little as 120 days.